SICROMAN®quick assembly doctor blade system 

SICROMAN® Strip-blade Holder


Strip-blade holder S100 

Super-speed assembly Strip-blade holder 

(Motorized spindle type printing machines are recommended ) 

S100 is made of high strength corrosion resistant alloy. Thickening reverse flat apical plate and HSLA steel leak-proof U-shape pinhole rivet help ink knife maintain excellent printing effect and excellent stability when working under ultra-high speed and high pressure.


Strip-blade holder S80 

Medium-high speed assembly Strip-blade holder

S80 is made from high strength corrosion resistant alloy rigid base material. The bending apical plate can be used with higher blade angle and balanced holding force, which helps to improve the level of printing pattern and reduce the abrasion of doctor blades.The HSLA steel leak-proof U-shape pinhole rivet effectively prevent the ink leakage under high pressure operation, and make the printed patterns more bright and beautiful.