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SICROMAN® quick assembly doctor blades system

SICROMAN® quick assembly doctor blade system is composed of the strip-blade holder and doctor blade in different forms, functions and sizes. Meeting the requirements of different printing processes by using cooperatively, it can complete the change of the doctor blade in very short time without changing the original equipment structure to install and use it directly. Compared with the traditional doctor blade devices, it effectively reduce the cost of doctor blade consumables by 30-50%, and greatly improve the efficiency of printing preparation.

SICROMAN®  doctor blades 

The seemingly ordinary thin doctor blade still keeps sharp after grinding millions of square meters on the high-speed printing plate, and SICROMAN® can easily do it. SICROMAN® has been insisting on selecting high-quality base materials in EU, adopting multilayer precision grinding equipment developed by Austria machinery company and independently developing special coating technology. The self-produced doctor blade has a good straightness tolerance, stable and uniform metallographical structure , as well as accurate and functional blade, which make the printing patterns more bright, last longer and have more economic benefits. SICROMAN® has multifunctional use doctor blades, including conventional solvent micro-alloyed steel doctor blade, anti-corrosive property solvent alloy steel doctor blade and all-round and long-life coating doctor blade. They are widely used in  gravure and flexographic printing and coating processes, which is the best choice for your requirements of high quality printing.